• Parent Partnership Program

Parents are the hallmark of youth sports - The Number ONE fans of our student athletes!!

Every year, parents work to raise dollars to support their young student athletes in their sports endeavors. Often times, parents only want to focus their contacts and resources to give maximum benefit to their child. Angels In Sports wants to work with you to respect your efforts and dedication to your child's sport - to ensure your student athlete's needs are a priority.

Angels in Sports will consult with you on fundraising opportunities, how much should be raised, what rules and policies must be followed, and ideas on how you can reach your specific fundraising goal. Amounts raised over your goal will be retained by Angels In Sports for opportunities for other deserving youth student athletes - A win-win for everyone!!

Talk with your friendly staff at Angels In Sports today to create a unique opportunity that meets your needs for your youth student athlete.

Email angelsinsports@gmail.com for more information.