Some of our Scholarship Recipients

Angels In Sports was founded in 2013 as a non-profit organization with a mission to help provide financial resources to young underprivileged and disadvantage student athletes that would not otherwise have access to quality academic opportunities, advanced sports training or elite team play. Your continued generosity speaks volumes to families whose financial hardship presents a barrier to their children’s development and engagement in critical career paths that can lead to better quality of life decisions.

By supporting Angels In Sports you help these kids achieve their athletic, academic and personal life goals. We seek to help underprivileged and disadvantage youth become productive member of society by instilling the positive values of sports – a strong work ethic, confidence, leadership, professionalism, self-improvement, teamwork, personal responsibility and respect.

When considering your end of year giving, please remember Angels In Sports with a gift of $1000, $500 or $250. Your support for Angels In Sports helps these children develop God-given abilities in both school and athletics.

Carrington is one of our young scholarship recipient, sports got him off the streets and help change his life. Angels In Sports gave Carrington a $500 scholarship grant to help him continue playing Sports.

“For the past 3 years I have been homeless. I’ve lived in many shelters, bus stops, and motels in and around Seattle, Kirkland, Burien and Federal Way. I have witnessed a person be shot. I too have been the victim of violence for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. This year as a member of my high school football team I was one of the few sophomores that started on the offensive and defensive line. I played pretty well for a inexperienced player. The Metro League thought so as well and named me ALL METRO Honorable Mention as a Defensive Lineman. That made me feel great about myself. I’m also doing well in school! By getting tutoring and asking my teachers for help I have raised my GPA. I ended my ninth grade year with four academic awards and I’m not stopping there, one of my goals is to get out of the Special Ed program and make all my classes general education classes so I can go to college.”

Carrington, 15 years old

When Emily applied for a Scholarship from Angels In Sports she told us her goals were to attend and graduate from a four-year Division 1 university as a basketball student athlete. But she has always faced adversity and challenges in pursuing those goals;

Emily’s parents barely make ends meet. They each work 14 hour days and cannot afford the expenses for Emily to play basketball with an elite team. Thanks to you Angels In Sports granted Emily a scholarship of $1,500 toward her elite basketball team fee so Emily doesn’t have to give up because money got in the way.

I’ve always had people tell me I wasn’t going to be anything or go anywhere in life because they just assumed I didn’t have what it takes. But I never let that stop me from reaching my aspirations. I am faced with adversity every day and while some choose to just give up or quit trying… I will overcome it all.

Emily, 16 years old

Another scholarship applicant, Trey, simply wants to build his confidence and self-esteem through football and carry these two key components of becoming a successful person into the rest of his life;

Trey’s family’s income is less than the Federal Poverty Level, and again you came through and helped Angels In Sports award Trey a $250 grant to pay for his football team fee and help him continue to build his confidence.

I was a shy and awkward child and still am at times. In my school I have always been the tallest kid in my class and sometimes I have been teased about it… When I first joined football I still had insecurities from school, but in football being the tallest is a good thing. So I was cheered for it instead of teased. Football gave me a sense of belonging, helps to build my confidence, something that I have been able to carry with me to school.

Trey, 9 years old

Manaia, another young student athlete and Angels In Sports Scholarship recipient, whose mother lost her job and father is fighting cancer and kidney disease, wrote;

My dad is my number one fan, my dad always tells me to pray before every practice and before every game. I hope and pray to play football this year. I also pray that God will help my Dad and Mom through our struggles.

Manaia, 10 years old

Ashlee is a 12 year old 3.8 honor student that loves to play fastpitch softball. Here is her story:

The reason I need a scholarship is to help my parents out in any way I can since they do so much for me. I have 5 brothers and sisters and we all play sports and my Dad works a lot to pay for our sports. I love playing fastpitch softball, especially pitching, and want to be better at it. I love my teammates, coaches and other team too! I want to play softball in high school, college and hopefully in the Olympics! I’ve made many friends playing softball and love getting to know new team mates! Fastpitch softball has helped me gain confidence in myself, be more active in sports other than softball, and keep wanting to be better in all things I do. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue to play fastpitch softball by giving me a scholarship.

Ashlee, 12 years old

Jahsaih moved to the U.S. from Canada with his mom. He was sad to leave his family and friends but playing football made him happy.

I grew up with just my mom. I remember my dad but when I was 4 he got in trouble and had to go to jail. Now he can’t come and see me in our new Country. When mom can work again things will be better and she can buy things I need. She looked sad because I have holes in my shoes. Sometimes I cry because I miss my family but I’m happy at basketball, my coaches laugh, have fun and tell me I’m getting good. I feel happy and strong when I play on my teams, because I know I am good and feel confident in myself. It helps me feel more comfortable being away from home. If I can’t play anymore I would be sad because that is how I made new friends. Thank you very much to Angels In Sports to give me scholarship to play basketball.

Jahsiah, 10 years old

Cody’s dad lost his job and could no longer pay for him to play football. It would have crushed young Cody if he couldn’t play football.

I think I need a scholarship because my dad lost his job and now is getting paid half of the money he did, and now we have less money for rent, and my mom doesn’t have job yet. I think I should get the scholarship because I think I can learn a lot from my coaches and I love playing football and try my best and never give up. I have gotten taught to eat right with no sugar at all, my coaches always gives me discipline and I try my best to help others. I really really really really can’t wait to play football again this year because I had lots of fun last year and the new friends I made. Football is my favorite sport in the whole world and if I could not play it because I don’t have any money I would be very very very sad.

Cody, 9 years old

Where would Emily, Trey and the others be if Angels In Sports, through your generous support, had not been able to grant them a scholarship to help them continue their life journeys?

It doesn’t seem like much, but keeping a child in school and sports and off the streets can mean a world of difference. Being a successful student athlete is one path to a brighter future for many underprivileged children. However that path is not easy. It takes hard work, dedication and the financial means to pay for elite and travelling team fees, equipment, coaching, and tutoring. These financial hurdles often leave many needy children behind.

With your support of a gift of $250, $100, $50, or what you can afford, Angels In Sports can provide access to opportunities for underprivileged student athletes to reach their full potential and make a profound statement that we do care about the future of our youth and the contributions they make to their families and their communities.

Together every kid can be successful. Together we win!

Thank you and God Bless !

Angels in Sports is a registered Washington State Charities and a Recognized IRS 501 (c) (3) Tax Exempt Organization.

Requisite Charity and Tax Exempt Information and Documents are provided upon request.

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