Our Governance

The Governance of the Angels In Sports is vested in a dedicated and committed Board of Directors, comprised of a strong representation of diverse backgrounds, cultures and combined expertise in youth oriented community services, programs and activities.

Meet The Team

Ronnie Beltran, AIS Founder
Ronnie Beltran

Founder and President of the Board of Directors

Dr Charles Horne
Dr. Charles A. Horne

Founder, Board Member and Executive Director

Greg Lewis
Greg Lewis

Founder and Board Member

Shaun “SupaSam” Samuels

Founder and Board Member

Kenny McCormick
Kenny McCormick

Board Member

Matthew J. Hill, AIS Board Member
Matthew Hill

Board Member

Who We Are

Angels in Sports (AIS) is a non-profit charity organization providing scholarships for deserving underprivileged student athletes for academic support, advanced sports training opportunities or advance team play.

AIS is committed to ensure that young people reach their maximum potential as student athletes without succumbing to the financial burdens that may impede their growth in the sport they love.

Scholarship recipients are selected by a panel of community members and are awarded based upon the student athlete’s financial need, scholastic aptitude, athletic talent and athletic promise.

Recipients will also be those student athletes that embody the values of AIS:

  • Academic Achievement.
  • Athletic excellence through hard work.
  • Embody values of sportsmanship (e.g. fairness, equality, honor, respect, teamwork) in their lives as citizens.
  • Passion of their sport.

Angels In Sports is proud to receive generous public contributions from supporters, like you. Thank You!

What We Do

Angels in Sports seeks to provide underprivileged children, who are student athletes with scholarships for academic support, advanced sports training and advance team play. Scholarships provide assistance for those with unmet financial needs to continue their academic, athletic and life goals.

AIS raises funds to enable these student athletes to access the following categories of badly needed recourses to keep their goals alive:

  • Access to additional academic assistance or tutoring.
  • Fees to special programs for athletic scholars, enhancing academic performance or academic opportunity.
  • Scholarships to advance training facilities which focus on youth sports Special activities and training opportunities unique to the development for a young student athlete’s growth in their chosen sports.
  • Fees to join local special, select or advance teams.

Why We Care

According to USA Today (Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission, USA Today Survey, Verified 1-26-2012), over 35 million children participate in youth sports in the United States every year. 66% (23.1 million) are part of organized play. The logistical costs of children participating in organized teams rise with the increasing skill level of student athlete and the maintenance associated with the sport.

Today, the expectations are increased in every given sport. In youth sports, top echelon teams require greater academic achievement, greater talent, as well as physical and mental abilities. The demand is for student athletes to know more and be more capable at an earlier age than just a generation before. To have this requires advanced sport training and academic support.

Additionally, fees to enroll in advanced academic tutoring, advanced sports training, and advance team play costs thousands of dollars per child. Many families cannot afford these fees — causing many children to not get this opportunity.

Angels In Sports understands that underprivileged student athletes often fall through the cracks — where parents must make hard financial choices between survival or the future development of their children. AIS works to eliminate financial hardship as a barrier to the development of children.

Through AIS, young student athletes can demonstrate how meaningful athletics is to their development while helping children achieve their personal life goals.

AIS Scholarships provide proper academic support, training with the top coaches in the local area, or annual fees to play on local advance teams. Scholarship recipients can be with similar, like-minded parents and student athletes to share experiences and opportunities as a community.

Most importantly, AIS wants to enforce academic excellence in its scholarship recipients. Like sports, academics is competitive. AIS believes student athletes should not be forced to take lesser academic challenges — but accept ALL challenges. AIS wants to ensure student athletes will focus on their future and that education is critical to winning in sports AND in life.

Angels in Sports is a registered Washington State Charities and a Recognized IRS 501 (c) (3) Tax Exempt Organization.

Requisite Charity and Tax Exempt Information and Documents are provided upon request.

P.O. BOX 1649, Renton, Washington 98057

Washington’s Charitable Act Registration Number: 33993

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Angels In Sports 2nd Annual Dinner & Auction Event: June 6, 2014

Speeches from Angels In Sports Board Member Greg Lewis and President Ronnie Beltran.





FriD, September 20, 2013 @ Redmond Ridge Golf Club